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Wolf 2000 concrete slab lifting machine – FOR SPECIFIC TASKS

The Wolf 2000 machine is designed for lifting concrete elements with a maximum weight of 2000 kg. The folded element is inserted into the right position without you having to move or pull the transport belts. It is powered by an internal combustion engine with an electric start-up motor.

How does it work?

Use the remote control or buttons on the machine for suction/exhaust. The machine should be suspended on a lifting device, e.g. a crane, telescopic loader or forklift, and a suction nozzle designed for lifting concrete elements should be installed prior to commencing work. Sucking the lifted element literally takes one second because of the high thrust force and using the seals properly. This significantly shortens the operational time and increases their safety, even with high porosity or permeability of concrete.

The most significant benefits:

  • a robust, steel design, yet small dimensions, easy to transport and assemble.
  • quick configuration (e.g. using different various pads and adapting the machine to the forklift by adopting a beam to suspend a number of suction pads).
  • the ability to reposition items which cannot suspend individually.
  • instant suspension of transported elements (for instant suction material).
  • strict, non-joint material stacking (all side edges can remain unconnected).
  • you can even work in restricted areas because you are able to separate the suction pads from the device base.
  • multitasking – the assembly of various concrete elements, e.g. sandblasted, flamed, high permeability with microchannels, as well as porous ones.
  • the highest level of occupational safety thanks to an installation of additional belts (free of injury, which protect the spine, and which comply with EN 13155 standards).
  • occupational safety signalled by warning lamps, an audible signal and indicators positioned at the front of the machine.
  • a clogged filter and low fuel level indicator.

What is the target group of users?

Wolf 2000 will work in the following industries:

  • paving (plates, concrete, road, pavement slabs, kerbs, etc.).
  • construction (pre-stressed concrete, floor slabs, vibropressed concrete, sandblasted concrete, architectural, decorative, building elements constructed of prefabricated elements, cast stairs, concrete board, concrete bench), including any motorway repairs or construction work (central reservations, plates for access roads on construction site) and building wholesalers (who unload large cubic parts at the storage yard).
  • manufacturing (specific solutions, e.g. extracting elements from moulds, transport between various production stages, moving concrete elements to the production phase).
  • melioration (concrete rings, septic tanks, passage pipes under roads).



Adaptation for the WOLF2000 forks

The machine can be used directly on a forklift or telescopic loader as a result of this solution.


Beam for WOLF, 1.5 meters in length

You can suspend several suction pads on it.


An upper handle for the WOLF

Used to suspend the vacuum device on the belt or the chain.


Handle for Bear and Wolf




Suction pads (BEAR and WOLF) 100×70, max 1700 kg.


Suction pads (BEAR and WOLF) 100 × 50, max 1200 kg.


Suction pads (BEAR and WOLF) 80×40, max 700 kg.


Suction pads (BEAR and WOLF) 50×30, max 300 kg.


Suction pads (BEAR and WOLF) 60×15, max 130 kg.

    Selected configuration

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