Rotatable and reliable

Meet the MONKEY!

Vacuum lifter with the ability to rotate the concrete element by 180 degrees

How does it work?

Monkey is an innovative pro­duct. The machine is mounted on a forklift truck with wireless control, battery power supply and an efficient vacuum pump. The machine can rotate ele­ments by 180 degrees and set the ang le of the elements with respect to the fork device by+/-15 degrees. The combination of of rotation and lifting capa city is from 1.St to St, making the ma­chine reliable when transporting or installing large-format precast concrete elements.

For who?

The MONKEY could operate in the following industries:

• construction (string concrete, floor slabs, vibro-preesse, archtectural, decorative, highway construction, etc.)
• production (special solution, e.g. pulling out of moulds, transport between production stages, etc.)
• reinstatement (concrete coils, casting septic tanks, condults under roads)
• railway industry (railway and tram sleepers, installation of concrete slabs in railway stations and stops)

Important advantages

  • Possibility to rotate the load by 180 degrees
  • Possibility to move elements which do not have their own suspension or have their own tabs
  • CE certified product

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