Base Vacuum Gripper FROG600 MINI

Guarantee of precise installation of concrete and stone elements. An irreplaceable vacuum gripper of Polish production.

Why choose FROG600 MINI?

Efficiency and Precision: FROG600 MINI is designed to ensure fast and precise installation of concrete elements. By using the latest technologies, the device allows for lifting and rotating elements by up to 45 degrees, greatly facilitating their positioning in the right place.

Wireless Configuration: FROG600 MINI enables wireless configuration, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables during work. This means greater freedom of movement and comfort for the operator.

Ease of Use: The intuitive interface makes operating FROG600 MINI simple and straightforward, even for individuals without experience in handling similar devices. This allows every worker to quickly learn how to use the device.

Versatility: FROG600 MINI is suitable for the installation of various types of concrete elements, including sandblasted or highly permeable ones. It is a versatile tool that will prove useful in many different applications on the construction site.

Safety at Work: FROG600 MINI meets the highest safety standards according to EN 13155, ensuring that work on the construction site is carried out in safe conditions. With advanced safety features, the operator can be confident that the device will operate safely and reliably throughout the entire work period.

Technical Specification:

  • Weight of Frame Only: 33 kg
  • Weight of Frame with Beam: 61 kg
  • Weight of FROG600 MINI (Frame, Generator, Beam): 70 kg
  • Dimensions: 60x72x50 cm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 600 kg
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Meet FROG600 MINI!

FROG600 MINI is a revolutionary tool that enables precise and efficient installation of concrete elements on construction sites. With its innovative design and advanced features, FROG600 MINI ensures speed, efficiency, and safety during construction work.

Vacuum suction cups for precise laying of stone and concrete slabs

With FROG600 MINI, the installed element lands directly in the correct place without unnecessary shifting or dragging of transport belts. The vacuum gripper rotates the suctioned element by 45 degrees, allowing for precise laying of sidewalk slabs and other concrete elements. This means you can easily and quickly lay large paving stones, saving time and effort.

Concrete slab grippers – easy operation

FROG600 MINI can be powered by a 230V power supply. The device housing allows for the installation of a power generator. This paving tool offers easy and intuitive operation, making it the perfect choice for construction industry professionals.

Construction hoist for various applications

The compact dimensions of FROG600 MINI and its versatility make it the ideal tool for various applications. You can use it as a curb gripper, concrete slab gripper, or sidewalk tile gripper. Whether you’re laying paving stones on a driveway, terrace, or garden path, FROG600 MINI is a tool that will definitely come in handy.

Multifunctional vacuum gripper

FROG600 MINI is not just a paving stone gripper. With the ability to quickly suspend transported elements (1 second to suction) and tight, joint-free laying of elements (all side edges free), it is truly a multifunctional vacuum gripper. You can use it to lay paving stones, concrete slabs, curbs, and much more.

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Vacuum suction cups – the key to precise laying of concrete and stone slabs

Precision is one of the most important aspects of laying slabs. With FROG600 MINI vacuum suction cups, you can be sure that each element will be laid exactly where you want it. Furthermore, the paving stone gripper allows for the rotation of the suctioned element by 45 degrees, giving you even greater control over the laying process.

Concrete slab grippers – a tool that will make your work easier every day.

FROG600 MINI is a concrete slab gripper that will make the tasks associated with their installation much easier. With this tool, you can quickly and easily transport heavy concrete slabs, saving yourself a lot of effort.

FROG600 MINI is also a construction hoist that will definitely increase your productivity. With this tool, you can quickly and easily transport heavy elements, such as concrete slabs or curbs.

Multifunctional vacuum gripper – a tool that will meet any challenge

FROG600 MINI is a reliable tool that will prove itself in the construction industry, providing efficiency, precision, and safety during work. With its reliable construction and advanced features, FROG600 MINI is an essential tool for every professional builder.

Catchshift vacuum gripper is the perfect tool for lifting concrete elements weighing up to 600 kg. With it, laying elements on-site becomes easy and precise, eliminating the need to shift or pull transport belts.

FROG600 MINI – effectiveness, precision, safety. Check it out today!

For who?

The FROG 600 MINI is suitable for the following industries:

  1. Paving (concrete slabs, sidewalk slabs, vibrated slabs, curbs, etc.)
  2. Construction (prefabricates, floor slabs, Zeran slabs, cast stairs), including work on highway construction or repair (concrete barriers, road plates for access roads to construction sites) and building supply stores (unloading large items on-site)
  3. Railway
  4. Land reclamation (concrete rings, cast septic tanks, culverts under roads)

The FROG 600 MINI is a vacuum gripper designed for lifting concrete elements weighing up to 600 kg. This tool is not only durable and reliable but also extremely versatile.

Important advantages

  • The FROG600 MINI is characterized by its compact dimensions, making storage and transportation easier.
  • The vacuum gripper excels in various tasks, allowing for the installation of different types of concrete elements.
  • The possibility of configuration without the use of cables increases freedom of movement during work.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • It takes only 1 second to suction the element, speeding up the installation process.
  • It ensures precise and uniform arrangement of elements without the need for grouting.
  • It is suitable for the installation of various types of concrete elements, including porous surfaces.
  • It meets the highest safety standards according to EN 13155.
  • The FROG600 MINI is the perfect tool for lifting concrete elements weighing up to 600 kg. With it, the installation of elements on-site becomes easy and precise, eliminating the need to shift or pull conveyor belts.

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Suction pads 45×45(FROG)
Suction pads 35×115(FROG)
Suction pads 45×85(FROG)
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