Base FROG600


A 45° turn? No problem!

Thanks to the FROG600, you can lift elements that do not have their suspension and turn them 45 °. It is a device that makes the impossible possible. For the FROG600, even the most difficult assembly will be carried out with pleasure.

Meet FROG600!

Make the impossible possible. See how you can do it with FROG600.

How does it work?

Powered by a generator set, it can create an effective negative pressure, while maintaining low weight and small dimensions. Replaceable suction cups can fit on each load, and the ability to rotate them 45 degrees will allow the installation of concrete elements, even when the installation will require setting them at an angle. After attaching the machine to a lifting device, the FROG600 is ready for operation. If it is necessary to install more permeable concrete elements, use the FROG600 with the MICKEY Tower device, which allows for the transport of the above-mentioned loads.

For who?

The FROG600 could operate in the following industries:

  • the paving industry (concrete slabs, paving slabs, vibropressed plates, kerbs, etc.).
  • the construction sector (prefabricated elements, floor slabs, hollow core slabs, cast stairs), including highway maintenance work on motorways (central barriers, plates for roads to access to the construction site) and building wholesalers (who unload large cubic components at the storage yard).
  • manufacturing (custom solutions).
  • melioration (concrete rings, septic tanks, passage pipes under roads).

Important advantages

  • the possibility of lifting elements that do not have their own suspension and turning them by 45 °,
  • strict, jointless arrangement of elements,
  • CE certified product,
  • immediate suspension of transported materials.

FROG600 in action!


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