Base Trolly500


Self-propelled cart TROLLY500 – reliable support!

TROLLY 500 enables the installation of concrete and stone elements, limiting human work to a minimum. Along with the Mickey series machines, the trolley is a set that will replace not only the work of people but also the use of other lifting devices. The use of modern manipulators makes controlling the device simple and intuitive, and the durable structure makes the trolley resistant to all working conditions in the construction industry.

Meet TROLLY500!

Solid help during work! How can the TROLLY500 mobile cart support your team? Watch the video!

The most significant benefits

The user controls the trolley with manipulators, which operate in an extremely intuitive way. The trolley is additionally equipped with a manipulator suspended on an arm so that the assembly could be operated by one person. The manipulator allows you to simultaneously operate the load and perform all other activities related to driving, lifting and suctioning the load.

For who?

The TROLLY500 could operate in the following industries:

  • paving (plates, concrete slabs, paving slabs, atypical paving stones, kerbs, etc.)
  • railways
  • gardening

Important advantages

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TROLLY500 in action