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The Mickey 155 paving machine – MODEL PERFORMANCE AT ITS BEST

The Mickey 155 machine is perfect for manual paving work with a maximum weight of elements equal to 155 kg. It sucks and moves the paving elements to a designated location, which means you do not have to bend down or work on your lap. The device is powered from a 230 V mains power supply.

How does it work?

Two people are needed to operate the device. Holding the handles, they lift the machine together with a sucked paving element. One person would be adequate if assembled using a trolley. The machine should be sucked using the button on the handle once the item is in its correct location. The machine operators work in an upright position thanks to adjustable handles, which makes the task that much straightforward. Replaceable suction pads enable you to move larger paving blocks or kerbs. The machine allows you to complete this task more quickly which has a significant reduction in both costs and time.

The most significant benefits:

  • simple assembly due to its compact design (manual for 2 people, with a wheelchair for 1 person) and convenient transport.
  • instant suspension of transported elements (to allow material suction).
  • an easy, concrete-free laying of concrete elements (all side edges remain separate).
  • the highest standard of occupational safety due to assembly (zero risk of injury, with spine protection) and which is complaint with EN 13155 standards

Who is the target group of users?

The Mickey 155 will support operate among the following industries:

  • paving (plates, concrete slabs, paving slabs, atypical paving stones, kerbs, etc.).



Suction pads (MICKEY) 65×35, max 155kg.


Suction pads (MICKEY) 45×45, max 155 kg


Suction pads (MICKEY) 40×40, max 120 kg


Suction pads (MICKEY100 and MICKEY155) 34×34, max 80 kg


Suction pads (MICKEY100 and MICKEY155) 90×15, max 100 kg


Suction pads (MICKEY100 and MICKEY155) 90×10, max 55 kg

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